The Belles take on the race of a lifetime

A team of local cyclists are determined to let nothing stand in their way of becoming the first female Irish participants in one of their sport's toughest endurance tests – the Race Across America.

The Belles, a 4-person all-female team, have set their sights on becoming the first female group from Ireland to compete in the Race Across America in 2014.

It doesn't compare to any race we've done in the past, it's the epitome of endurance cycling

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Anthony Parsells 2013 Florida RAAM Challenge

The goals were quite simple: qualify for RAAM again, finish under 24 hours, and if I happen to get in the top three overall, then that would just be a bonus.

Anthony Parsells set his sights high with a goal to qualify for RAAM. Throughout the year, Anthony logged 1000's of miles in preparations for the RAAM Challenge in Daytona Florida. Read the full article here.

Take a Sick Day? - Not for RAAM

What would you endure, both physically and mentally, to qualify for RAAM? Andy Welsh didn't waiver for one second the morning of his RAAM Challenge 400 mile qualifier in Minnesota this year. Relying on Aleve to temporarily dissipate his aliments and a strong crew supporting him, Andy finished. Read the rest of his story here, as it was reported on