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One of the proud sponsors of RAAM and RAW is Ska Brewing, a small company that brews a dozen varieties of beer and ale in small batches at their facility in Durango, Colorado. RAAM Media One visited their facility this afternoon and had a great lunch in their brewpub/restaurant and took a tour of the facility where we saw their master brewers formulating their latest batch and saw their mechanized system canning a finished batch of one of their best sellers, Modus Hoperandi. 

One of the company co-founders, David Thibodeau told us of how big of fans of RAAM and RAW they are and that with the RAW finish and RAAM time station being just up the road they saw sponsoring the events to be a perfect fit. “Durango is such a cycling town,” he said. “Almost everyone here mountain bikes or road rides. We’re glad to be a part of this.”

To you RAW riders and crews still in Durango or on your way, we invite you to visit our official frothy beverage sponsor. You’ll be glad that you did. And to the RAAM riders and teams, while having a brew during RAAM is prohibited, maybe you want to pick up a few varieties for your celebrations in Annapolis.

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