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Daily Recap Show with Jeric Wilhelmsen

Jeric Wilhelmsen is a veteran RAAM Video Journalist and host the Daily Recap Show from time stations across the country.
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Media 1 Video Journalist, Jennifer Salazar

Jennifer Salazar of Media 1 brings you video highlights from the road as the ultra cyclists embark on their 3,000 mile journey from coast to coast. Tune in daily to see how the Race Across America is unfolding at the front of the pack. This will be Jennifer's 5th year as a video journalist with RAAM. Her videos will focus mainly on the RAAM solo riders.
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RAW / Mtn. Region Video Journalist, Tara Roberts

Tara Roberts is a veteran RAAM Video Journalist. She will be covering the RAW finish and Rocky Mountain Region
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Live streaming video from the through the finish of RAAM. 

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